American Apparel Quotes


  • I love the American Apparel long-sleeve waffle shirt. You can’t do it too much. If you wear a long-sleeve black T-shirt every single day, nobody’s going to say, “That guy wears a long-sleeve black T-shirt too much.” If you’re wearing a sweatshirt that says “Gap Est. 1969” on it, you’ve got a couple days of wearing that before someone goes, “Why don’t you do some laundry?”
    o John Mayer, [Snierson, Dan (2006). (with ELLE Magaine)”Man of Style” (accessed August 8, 2006)]

  • American Apparel, Charney’s clothing company, is going against the trend of globalization in clothing manufacturing; he’s making mad cash with unbranded T-shirts, all locally produced in his downtown L.A. factory.
    o Alexandra Spunt, [(2003). “Mr. No Logo” (accessed August 7, 2006)]

  • There are garment factories in the U.S. where employees have union contracts, get full family health benefits, decent wages, three and four weeks of paid vacations, a decent pension and respect from their supervisors. When you buy a shirt, a dress, a suit or a T-shirt from these companies, you can shop with a conscience. This isn’t the case at American Apparel.
    o Richard Applebaum, [Ellenson, Ruth (2005). “Unfashionable Crisis” The Jewish Journal (accessed August 8, 2006)]

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