Centre Against Expulsions Quotes

Quotations on the German plan for creation of Centre Against Expulsions.

  • If the idea of a Centre Against Expulsions is indeed a creation of the Federation of Expelees, then I’m afraid it’s yet another camouflaged re-creation of the idea of Drang nach Osten. In the German subconscious, there is always a place for a strong belief that the Germans lack Lebensraum, that such a great nation simply deserves more space. It is not about penance, their duty is to pay for their deeds. Not about first, second or third generation – it needs as many generations as it gets to eradicate the yearning for the Nation of Masters. (…) Germans often cry about the victims of Allied bombing raids. It is a proof of arrogance. And audacity. It proves that they learned nothing during the WWII. I spent 5 years under German occupation. They tell me that there were good and bad Germans. Why haven’t I met the good one back then? As to the centre against expulsions, I would propose to the Germans not to push their feeling of bad luck too far. They do not deserve compassion, they deserve penance. And for many generations, otherwise the good old haughtiness and arrogance will return
    o Marek Edelman, the last survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in an interview

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