Creative Commons Quotes

Creative Commons

  • One of the most important philosophical and social issues confronting humanity in the beginning of the 21st century is the sharing of information.
    o Statement from the Free Data License White Paper at dealing with free and open content such as the GFDL and the Creative Commons license.

  • Creative Commons licensing is great because it just sort of “snaps in” — the hard thinking has already been done, and even some of the technical work.
    o From Stewart Butterfield, creator of flickr in [1]
    “Get Creative” Flash movie [2]

  • “It can be that easy when you skip the intermediaries.”
  • “Enter one of the internet’s most famous citizens. A face familiar the world over. A public identity rivaled by only a handful of corporate giants and global superstars… the big copyright C.”
  • “We interrupt this brainstorm to call the lawyers.”
  • “We wrote these licenses so that lawyers and courts could read them. Then we translated them into a language that YOU can read.”
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