Great Satan Quotes


  • As you know, the biggest problem of the Islamic world today is global Zionism and the Great Satan America. They are our enemies, especially the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They do not understand [the language of] reason, they do not follow international law, nor do they follow moral and humane laws. They have no religion and they do not accept God. They are a bunch of profane people, but seemingly, some are called Christians and some are called Jews.
    o Friday Sermon in Kerman City, Iran: If Jesus Were Here Today He Would Not Justify America’s Atrocities April 2005

  • Imam [Khomeini] taught us to reject injustice, and to never accept the barbaric America, which is trying to take over the world. Many people have come up with terms to describe America. But let me be frank with you, I haven’t found any term more beautiful, lofty, and noble than the term “the Great Satan” to describe America.
    o Deputy Secretary-General of Hizbullah Sheik Naim Qassem: America Is the Great Satan June 2007

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