Infidelity Quotes


  • There is but one thing without honour; smitten with eternal barrenness, inability to do or to be: Insincerity, Unbelief.
    o Thomas Carlyle Chartism (1839), Ch. 8

  • He ridiculed the absurdity of refusing to believe every thing that you could not understand; and mentioned a rebuke of Dr. Parr’s to a man of the name of Frith, and that of another clergyman to a young man, who said he would believe nothing which he could not understand:–‘Then, young man, your creed will be the shortest of any man’s I know.’
    o Samuel Taylor Coleridge Specimens of the Table Talk of S.T. Coleridge 21 April 1811

  • Infidelity and faith look both through the perspective glass, but at contrary ends. Infidelity looks through the wrong end of the glass; and, therefore, sees those objects near which are afar off, and makes great things little,—diminishing the greatest spiritual blessings, and removing far from us threatened evils. Faith looks at the right end, and brings the blessings that are far off in time close to our eye, and multiplies God’s mercies, which, in a distance, lost their greatness.
    o Bishop Hall Select Thoughts, or Choice Helps for Pious Spirits

  • No one is so much alone in the universe as a denier of God.
    o Johann Paul Friedrich Richter Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces; or, the Married Life, Death and Wedding of Siebenkäs, Poor Man’s Lawyer 1796-97 First Flower-Piece

  • Mere negation, mere Epicurean infidelity, as Lord Bacon most justly observes, has never disturbed the peace of the world. It furnishes no motive for action; it inspires no enthusiasm; it has no missionaries, no crusades, no martyrs.
    o Thomas Babington Macaulay Edinburgh Review October 1840, review of Ranke’s History of the Popes


  • Infidelity is one of those coinages,—a mass of base money that won’t pass current with any heart that loves truly, or any head that thinks correctly. And infidels are poor sad creatures; they carry about them a load of dejection and desolation, not the less heavy that it is invisible. It is the fearful blindness of the soul.
    o Chalmers

  • When once infidelity can persuade men that they shall die like beasts, they will soon be brought to live like beasts also.
    o South

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