Internet file sharing Quotes

  • “If there’s anyone out there involved in illegal movie piracy… don’t do it. Take a good look at these people. These are the people you’re stealing from. Look at them! Face what you’ve done! There are women here who can barely afford enough gown to cover their breasts.” – Jon Stewart at the Academy Awards, March 5, 2006
  • “The judgment marks a key victory for the recording industry, in its aggressive battle against poor high school students and fun.” – Jon Stewart (regarding the lawsuit against Napster)
  • “Community property fascinates me because – the core of this issue is: do you value this musician? Do you value this artist? When I walk into a painter’s workshop, I don’t just start putting things in my purse, because I want them to continue to create. And I want them to pay people well and not have to have 9 year olds in the back getting 20 cents an hour doing God knows what for them. It’s about, how do you show an artist if you value what they do? By taking it? I’m very clear on it. I don’t feel comfortable taking stuff, because it shows that I don’t value what you do. Because music is ether now, you can shroud it by saying it’s sharing, but I see it very simply. Taking is taking. And valuing is valuing. And these are the questions that we have to ask ourselves. If there’s a wine that I like, wine-tasting is something that I’m all for. Tasting music, and then deciding. well, do you want to buy a case? Do you want to buy a bottle of it? But then putting a case in the back of your trunk after you’ve tasted it is a very different thing. It shows that I don’t respect the winemaker. And at the end of the day I want them to keep making that wine. So their small vineyard, they have people working at that vineyard, depending on that, people don’t think about all the people: the buses and the trucks and the roadies. When I pass by Texaco I don’t say, ‘You guys downloaded my songs, so give me free petrol!’ It just doesn’t work that way. If we were in a bartering system, and so everybody that downloaded my music came by and dropped some carrots by, then we’d be fine about it! We’d be clear. But we’re not in a bartering system, so how do you show value? And this is a question that I’m asking you because at the end of the day we all have to sit with ourselves on this, and I’ve always said – if you don’t have a way to show that you value it financially, then take it, because I’d rather you had it. Sometimes it’s just like ‘Tori, I’m strapped this week!’, then take it. But at a certain point, when do you become a taker? That’s the question, and that’s something a whole generation is going to have to ask itself.” – Singer/Songwriter Tori Amos
  • “It’s dangerous to teach an entire generation of American kids that stealing physical property is not okay but stealing intellectual property is okay.” – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. chief executive Alex Yemenidjian
  • “Is This You? If you think you can get away with illegally trafficking in movies, think again.” – Caption of an MPAA poster showing hundreds of e-mail addresses and Internet addresses.
  • “take the 160GB iPod for example, any idea how much it costs to fill that with legally purchased songs?” – Ernesto from
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