Islamic law Quotes


Human life

  • Islamic law protects human life. While we condemn the killing of any Muslim and of any believer, whether Muslim or not, we also condemn manifestations of aggression against the peaceful and innocent, anywhere in the world….Allah forbade any man from striking fear in another man’s heart, from killing another man, and from oppressing another man.
    o Terror in London (5) – Friday Sermon in Amman, Jordan – In the Presence of King Abdullah, Preacher Denounces Attacks July 2005


  • Palestine is an Arab and Islamic land, and nobody is allowed to forsake any part of Palestine. Any agreement or negotiations that grant the Jews any rights in Palestine are null and void from the perspective of Islamic law. Our religion does not accept such an agreement, and nor do our national interest or the interest of humanity.
    o Palestinian MP and Head of the Palestinian Islamic Scholars Association Hamed Al-Bitawi: All Agreements with the Zionists Are Null and Void May 2007

  • [T]errorists themselves repeatedly and consistently explain and justify their actions by reference to the teachings of Islam – particularly to the imperative, deeply embedded within the Islamic tradition, to subjugate all non-Islamic polities under the rule of Islamic Sharia law.
    o Robert Spencer, ““Islamophobic” or Informed?”, FrontPage Magazine, July 24, 2007. URL accessed on 2007-07-24.

    Wife beating

  • We must know that [wife] beating is a punishment in Islamic religious law….Islam is a religion that forbids beating the face even of beasts. It is forbidden to beat even a donkey on its face….[The Koran says:] “and beat them.” This verse is of a wondrous nature.
    o Friday Sermon on Qatar TV: With Some Women, Life is Impossible Unless You Carry a Rod. MEMRI (August 2004).

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