Fictional last words Quotes

In songs

  • I… I did it… for Johnny!
    o Who: Debbie
    o Source: The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun by Julie Brown.
    o Note: Debbie, the homecoming queen, was asked why she went on a shooting rampage at the prom; her answer was unenlightening, as the narrator has no idea who “Johnny” was.

  • Tell my wife I love her very much (She knows!)
    o Who: Major Tom
    o Source: Space Oddity

    In musicals

  • My love… is yours eternally… My hand… is nice and warm… I love…
    o Who: Mimi
    o Source: La Boheme (translated from Italian)
    o Note: Character died of tuberculosis in the arms of Radolfo, her love and protagonist of the story.

  • I’m not sorreeeee…
    o Who: Caldwell B. Cladwell
    o Source: Urinetown
    o Note: Character has been hurled from the roof of a tall building, from which he had previously had people thrown.

    Les Miserablès: The Musical

  • And tell Cosette I love her…and I’ll see her when I wake…
    o Who: Fantine
    o Notes: Fantine was dying of consumption. Her last words, directed to Jean Valjean, were directed to her daughter.

  • And you will keep me safe…and you will keep me close…and rain…will make the flowers…[grow]
    o Who: Eponine
    o Notes: Eponine, shot, dies in the arms of the man she has always loved, Marius.

  • We fight like…like twenty…armies and we…we won’t give up…so you’d bet…better run for…for cover…when the pup…grows…[up]
    o Who: Gavroche
    o Notes: Gavroche, no older than ten, is trying to collect ammunition for the resistance movement when he is shot by the enemy and dies.

  • I’ll escape now from that world…from the world of Jean Valjean…there is nowhere I can go…there is no way to go on!
    o Who: Javert
    o Notes: Javert ruled his life by a black-and-white sense of good and evil. Once Valjean, a criminal, spares him, his ideal world is shattered. Unable to cope, he hurls himself into the Seine.

  • And remember, a truth that once was spoken-to love another person is to see the face of God…
    o Who: Jean Valjean
    o Notes: Valjean had lived a long, hard life. He finally feels ready to die once Cosette is married. He leaves behind the story of his life, and joins the souls of the others who died in Heaven.

    Original video animation

  • Doctor Hell… I have failed you…
    o Who: Baron Ashura
    o Source: Mazinkaiser
    o Notes: Drawn and quartered by Mazinkaiser’s Kaiser Blade while fused to the monster King Hell Gorgon.


  • If possible… I’d like to go to the same… Place as you’re going to.
    o Who: Zabuza Momochi
    o Source: Naruto
    o Note: Spoken to his then deceased companion, Haku, while lying beside him, mortally wounded.

  • I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you…
    o Who: Rei Hino
    o Source: Sailor Moon Stars

  • Fire…soul.. (Point-blank range attack to a nigh-invincible foe, killing them both.)
    o Who: Rei Hino
    + Source: Sailor Moon
    o Notes:

  • Sister…
    o Who: Yurito Morimiya
    + Source: Sola
    o Notes: When Aono, Yurito’s sister, attempted to kill Matsuri with a katana, Yurito stood in the path of her blade. Yurito is slew and his illusionary form (he was a fake substitute created by Aono through Yaka powers) dissolved back into a sea of papers.

  • Legato: (placing his head against Vash’s gun) Go ahead. It won’t bother me. An egotistical being like myself can’t be allowed to live. Give me nothingness. Give me death. He is waiting. He is looking forward to your visit. I put on your left arm because you aren’t by his side. Shoot me.
    (Vash: I can’t.)
    Shoot me.
    (Vash: I CAN’T!)
    o Who: Legato Bluesummers
    o Source: Trigun anime
    o Note: Wanting to force Vash to act ouside his own moral code, which forbids killing, Legato forces him into a circumstance where Vash either has to kill him, or else watch his traveling companions be killed.

  • Sir?
    o Who: Bernardo
    o Source: Zastrozzi
    o Notes: Said after Zastrozzi has impaled him on his sword, apparently to avenge all the people Bernardo has killed. bernardo was Zastrozzi’s loyal servant.

  • I am alive!
    o Who: Victor
    o Source: Zastrozzi
    o Notes: Said after Zastrozzi has impaled him.


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    The Lord of the Rings

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    Star Wars

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    Unattributed / general

  • Goodbye…
    o Who: Usually uttered in a sudden death, but where the subject accepts death quickly enough to say one last thing.

  • I won’t go alone!..
    o Who: While not necessarily last words upon death by specific characters, this phrase is often uttered by villains and such who are trapped in inescapable prisons (other dimensions, magical traps) or death traps, who usually react by attempting to grab a hero or (sometimes) collegue to join them just as they are sucked in, never to be seen again.
    o This line is also interpreted as I’ll take you with me!

  • Whoa! I made it!
    o Who: Usually a person who has just escaped from a life-threatening danger, siege, assault or predators, and who is then taken by surprise by something else.

  • Now where the hell did that come from?
    o Who: A fighter pilot, car driver or motorcyclist who is hit by a surprise

  • Nooooooo!!!
    o Who: Generally spoken during a last ditch battle by someone who has seen a close friend / loved one shot down and as a result goes beserk, usually by firing wildly at the enemy. Character is him/herself usually shot down as well moments later. Also cried out by people who deny their fates, often villains.

  • Oops.
  • (alternatively Oh, shit! or other variations)
    o Who: Usually a distinctly unfortunate and/or clumsy individual.
    o Incidentally, “Uh oh” was the last statement recorded by the cabin recorder of the Space Shuttle Challenger just prior to its breakup during launch in 1986.

  • You’ll never take me alive!
    o Who: Often said by the last man standing in battles, wars or police / criminal shoot-outs. Is usually true.

  • Can’t we make a deal?
    o Who: Often, a villain attempts to make some sort of deal with the hero, either to get the hero on his or her side or to render the hero vulnerable. The hero usually rejects the offer or sees through the treachery at the last moment and kills the villain.

  • Spare me!
    o Who: Often a villain who is attempting to gain a temporary reprieve from death in order to finish off the hero. Similarly, villains sometimes appeal to the hero’s emotions (particularly if the villain is a family member, former friend or other person the hero would otherwise hold in esteem), or the hero’s compassion or reluctance to kill, usually in vain. Villains may also use this to beg from mercy from other villains, particularly if they are to be killed by their superiors for failing or if they are being betrayed by an underling or ally.

  • Kill me!
    o Who: Often a villain who has been badly wounded, and who expects the hero to show him or her as much mercy as he or she would have shown the hero. The hero may agree to this request, but alternatively may not, and the villain may attempt to attack the hero again, only to be killed. This may also be said by badly wounded or very ill person asking a friend to end his or her life,.

  • (Hysterical and/or maniacal laughter)
    o Who: Usually a villain who, realizing the futility of his actions, or having gone insane, “goes out” in a final mad action (i.e.: randomly firing a weapon {Cody Jarret in “White Heat”}, falling to his death {Edward Lionheart in “Theatre of Blood’}, triggering a bomb {The Predator in “Predator”}, etc.), and almost always followed by a violent cinematic death (such as a loud, fiery explosion). The Joker, Batman’s archenemy, notably does this everytime he seemingly dies in an apparently inescapable death (Then again, the Joker is truly insane and laughs hysterically quite often).

  • I need to tell you…
    o Who: Usually someone who is about to reveal a secret to someone (usually a hero) before being killed. Their doing so usually foreshadows the nature of the secret. Alternatively, if the character is a friend, family member, or lover of the character to whom he or she is speaking, he or she will often say something about his or her feelings towards that person. Additionally, it can be final instructions to a character. About half the time, the secret is cut off, but the final message often foreshadows its nature.

  • I see/feel/sense…
    o Who: A character who has a vivid experience just before their death, often a hallucination.

  • I’m sorry…
    o Who: Often a villain who sees the error of his or her ways, or another character expressing regret for something he or she should have done.

  • I’ll kill you!
    o Who: Often someone who is fighting against an opponent who defeats and kills them.

  • This is impossible!/This can’t be happening!
    o Who: Usually a villain who is overconfident, and therefore cannot believe they are about to die. Mentioned as being something to avoid saying on the Evil Overlord List (number 24.)

  • Thank you…
    o Who: Often someone who is thanking another character for something they have done for them in the past, or for mercifully ending their life.

  • You’ve done well
    o Who: Often a defeated individual reluctantly praising their foe in the last moments of their life, or a person who is either a parent (biological or considered as such), or mentor to the listener.

  • Everything’s ok!/Nothing’s wrong!
    o Who: Often a character who is killed unexpectedly, usually a victim of a betrayal, freak accident or a sneak attack. Such characters often say that they do not expect anything to happen, adding an ironic effect to their last words. Additionally, some characters talk as though nothing is happening before they die, often to the person(s) who kill them.

    (insert main villian’s name here, loudly)

  • o Who: Usually a loyal henchperson of a certain main villian, after being defeated by the main hero. hoping the main villain will suceed where the henchperson failed. Also could be a person who attempts to defeat the main villain but becomes upset when he fails.

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