Luvvies Quotes


  • Earlier this year I had my hair feng-shuied.
    o Jerry Hall, The Sunday Times

  • I view this as a great opportunity to discuss and clarify one’s own place in the universe and cosmos. This is a film that can spur a better understanding to the individual. It’s not a documentary. Things are not pulled up and called the facts.
    o Robert Langdon on the Da Vinci Code

  • It’s absolutely integral to my whole career that I have the luxury of being eloquent and lucid in two languages. It allows me a metaphor to debate with myself. English actors often say they have Shakespeare, and that’s another language. Well I have three: Shakespeare, English and Welsh.
    o Rhys Ifans, The Daily Post

  • James Dean said to me when I was young, ‘The giant sequoia tree in its beginning is very small inside but the bark is very large. The bark is a foot thick but doesn’t get bigger. The bark is there to allow the inside to grow. An actors is like that.’ Every time you do an emotional scene, you’re exposing yourself. The second the scene’s over, you have to shut it back down and put your bark back on. If you walk around with it, you’re just a wounded tree- you’re going to die, because there’s just too much stuff coming into you.
    o Dennis Hopper, New Yorker

  • My father was a tailor… I longed to be a tailor because I thought it a real craft. Instead I became a tailor of words. I’d take the material out of language and I’d make a suit out of it – not an ordinary Montague Burton suit but a highly styled, radical, revolutionary suit.
    o Steven Berkoff, Observer Magazine

  • The phrase ‘seen and heard’ has always stayed with me, as an explanation for who I am, and what I do with who I am. When I received the letter from Tony Blair to say I was receiving a knighthood, it meant the country had said ‘We have seen you and we have heard you.’ I found it beautiful.
    o Ben Kingsley, Hotdog Magazine

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