Nintendo Quotes


  • “My Name is Reggie. I’m about kicking ass and taking names — and We’re about making Games
    o Reggie Fils Aime, E3 2004
  • “A game that keeps a smile on the player’s face is a wonderful thing. Nintendo’s theme for 2006 will be ‘Create new fun.’ Spread the fun of games to everyone. To do this, we must return to the beginning, to recapture the essence that made people who enjoy games even now enjoy them in the first place.”
    o Shigeru Miyamoto, Famitsu

  • “…I’ve never once been embarrassed that children have supported Nintendo. I’m proud of it. That’s because children judge products based on instinct. Everyone wants to appeal to people’s instincts, but it’s not easy. That doesn’t mean we’re making products just for children. We believe that there’s interactive entertainment that people in their 60s, 70s and 80s can enjoy, so we’re doing various things.”
    o Satoru Iwata, [1]

  • “Our competitors are always saying that Nintendo is just for children. To counter that, what we really need to do is explain to customers and potential customers [that we do not just make games for kids].”
    o Satoru Iwata, [2]

    Nintendo DS

  • “The DS represents a critical moment for Nintendo’s success over the next two years. If it succeeds, we rise to the heavens, if it fails, we sink into hell.”
    o Hiroshi Yamauchi, “Hiroshi Yamauchi On Nintendo’s Future”

    Nintendo Wii

  • “I suppose I could give you a list of the technical specs. I believe you would like that, but I won’t for a simple reason: they really don’t matter.”
    o Satoru Iwata,[3]

  • “We want to thank everyone who wrote good things about it the day you heard it—both of you.”
    o Reggie Fils-Aime. E3 2006
    o Joking about the reaction to the Wii’s name when it was first announced.

  • “You say you want a Revolution?”
    o Satoru Iwata, Nintendo E3 2005 Conference


  • “Nintendo is the company which makes the most innovative products. I am not sure that I would be able to make games like that elsewhere. At Nintendo I can make the games which I want.”
    o Shigeru Miyamoto

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