Pity Quotes


  • “Yet, let it not be thought that I would exclude pity from the human mind. There are scarcely any that are not, to some degree, possessed of this pleasing softness; but it is at best but a short-lived passion, and seldom affords distress more than transitory assistance; with some it scarce lasts from the first impulse till the hand can be put into the pocket…”
    o Oliver Goldsmith The Bee (1759) No. 3, 20 October 1759 On the Use of Language

  • “We pity in others only those evils which we have ourselves experienced.”
    o Jean-Jacques Rousseau Emile: Or, On Education (1762)

  • “No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity.”
    o William Shakespeare Richard III act I scene II

  • “O, brother man! fold to thy heart thy brother;
    where pity dwells, the peace of God is there.”
    o John Greenleaf Whittier Worship

  • “The world is full of love and pity, I say. Had there been less suffering, there would have been less kindness.”
    o William Makepeace Thackeray The Adventures of Philip (1862) Ch. XXV

  • “For pity melts the mind to love.”
    o John Dryden Alexander’s Feast (1697)


  • “Pity and forbearance, and long-sufferance and fair interpretation, and excusing our brother, and taking in the best sense, and passing the gentlest sentence, are as certainly our duty, and owing to every person that does offend and can repent, as calling to account can be owing to the law, and are first to be paid; and he that does not so is an unjust person.”
    o Jeremy Taylor

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