Swearing Quotes

Quotes regarding swearing

  • “Let us swear while we may, for in heaven it will not be allowed.” ~ Mark Twain
  • “I’m not gonna say anything inspirational; I’m just gonna fucking swear a lot.” ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
  • “A woman who cries, a man who swears, a horse that sweats, all imposture.” ~ Italian proverbs
  • “If I Can’t Smoke and Swear I’m Fucked” ~ Trailer Park Boys episode title
  • “Ah, swearing – Beloved crutch of the intellectually deviant.” ~ Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
  • “What’s the big deal? It doesn’t hurt anybody. Fuck, fuckity, fuck-fuck-fuck.” ~ Eric Cartman, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut


    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Everett: Well, you lying… unconstant… succubus!
    Vernon Waldrip: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can’t swear at my fiancĂ©!
    Everett: Oh, yeah? Well, you can’t marry my wife

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