War on Terrorism Quotes


  • While U.S. leaders may frame the conflict as a war on terrorism, people in the Islamic world clearly perceive the U.S. as being at war with Islam.
    o Muslims believe U.S. goal to weaken Islam: poll Apr 24, 2007

  • President Bush has consistently argued that Iraq is the central front in the War on Terror. Al Qaeda leaders describe it the same way, which is why they are trying to use murder and mayhem to provoke sectarian violence, foment chaos, and create a safe haven for terror. Defeating al Qaeda has been central to our new strategy in Iraq from day one and will continue to be.
    o White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, “Setting the Record Straight: Targeting Al Qaeda”, The White House, July 25, 2007. URL accessed on 2007-07-25.

  • Al-Qaeda do not believe that the war is restricted only to the area where they come under attack. They believe they attack the enemy – as they define them as enemy – wherever they are, the way America fights against Al-Qaeda wherever they are. So they are both involved in acts of terrorism. I believe the camp of the West, which is led by George Bush… He is the head of the terrorists, or terrorism, in that non-Muslim camp. And the same thing with the Islamic camp – the head of that Islamic camp is Osama bin Laden. It’s another act of terrorism and violence. Both of them are involved in acts of terrorism. Each one justifies it. One justifies it in the name of man – sovereignty for man – and one justifies it in the name of Allah-–sovereignty for Almighty Allah.
    o Omar Bakri, Islamist Sheik Omar Bakri, Who Fled from London to Lebanon, Declares His Support of Al-Qaeda, Criticizes Hizbullah and States: The Prophet Muhammad Also Killed Civilians. MEMRI (January 8, 2003).

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